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For Developers

Over the years Dieterich has worked hand in hand in providing development assistance for interested parties.  If you are interested in residential, industrial, or commercial development Dieterich has a space for you.  Thanks to the Village’s proactive vision, the community can offer assistance to developers in all of these areas.

Dieterich has historically been a financially stable community and our current board of directors takes great pride in their fiscal responsibility.  At the same time Dieterich understands that new residents and small businesses are the lifeblood of our growing community.  We are willing to make the necessary investments to ensure a continuing quality of life for our residents.

Thanks to our proactive approach to Tax Increment Financing, the Village of Dieterich has been able to increase residents, commercial businesses, and industrial business since the start of TIF I in 1997.  With the addition of TIF II in 2007 and TIF III in 2019, Dieterich has even greater aspirations for a growing community. To view a map of the current TIF districts click here.

Commercial and Industrial Development

For those interested in opening a commercial or industrial business in Dieterich TIF incentives are available.  We currently have a limited number of spaces available in our industrial park that offers tax rebates to interested parties.  Dieterich has also worked with other businesses both commercial and industrial to provide TIF incentives to open and expand their businesses in Dieterich.  We ask that all businesses seeking TIF assistance fill out an incentive application to be reviewed by the Economic Development Coordinator and the Board of Directors.

For more information on any potential development please contact the Economic Development Coordinator at (217) 925-5410 or